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on 06/11/2008


CERAMICA GLOBAL - International Multilingual Ceramic & Construction industry Web-portal with manufacturers and suppliers from all around the world.

What we present is an International ceramic & construction industry Webportal, translated in many languages, where we gather all the floor, wall tiles and sanitaryware manufacturers along with all the industrial machinery providers and raw materials suppliers from all around the world with their catalog of products.

Each manufacturer will have in our Webportal another website, INDEPENDENT from his own, ALWAYS UP TO DATE, where he can list his catalog of products. The catalog is a 3D VIRTUAL CATALOG in Flash. This way, the others will see exactly the same catalog they have in paper, but this time VIRTUAL.


The advantages of this catalog, apart from being more aesthetic and this way capture the attention of the people, are that nobody can be able to copy, print or capture the images, protecting this way our client information.

The search is dynamic and random, and the manufacturers are never going to get listed in the same order, having priority those who already have the new website and the catalog of products finished.

Nowadays Internet has become the engine of every business in a market already without borders. Many companies have their own websites but many of them can`t be found on Internet.

Our each client will have in CERAMICA GLOBAL another website with info about his company, history of it, a 3D VIRTUAL CATALOG, a contact form and links to his own website, this way, those who are interested in their products, can contact directly with our clients.

With CERAMICA GLOBAL people avoid moving to the company to see the products because with only one click they will have access to all the products and their details.

CERAMICA GLOBAL if both for professionals and particulars:

1) Professionals: distributors of any country who are looking for some type of tile, sanitaryware or machinery to distribute them in their own country, etc.

2) Particulars: any person who wants to reform his house and doesn`t know what shape, model or type of tiles to use.

If you want to list your company in this international web portal, than all you have to do is send us:

1) the company logo + some words about it + some photos

2) contact info, address, telephone, etc...

3) the catalog on CD/DVD in PDF format and in high resolution if it is possible

What you will find in this Webportal is the promotion of your business globally with only one click.

For more information or if you are interested in our services, please contact us and we will be happy to help growing your business.

Visit www.ceramicaglobal.com for more info.